International Shogi Magazine ISM Issue 4(Last issue)!!

International Shogi Magazine ISM Issue 4(Last issue)!! Do check it here:…

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The SHOGI CLUB ITALIA (study group) is pleased to invite everyone to the first online championship: SHOGI ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP / CAMPIONATO ITALIANO DI SHOGI (ITSCH)

1.-Be registred in 81dojo

2.-The championship is open for everyone, players from another country will be considered as special guests.

Match: NO-RATED / Duration: 20min-30sec / Tournement: ROUND-ROBIN / Time zone: CENTRAL EUROPE.

Last day for registration: 16 November 2018
Duration: From November 17th to December 8th 2018

-1st place: Book: SHOGI JAPANESE CHESS) 2nd edition and certificate of participation

-2nd place: Wooden shogi decoration and certificate of participation

-3rd place: Small wooden shogi decoration and certificate of participation

-Other players and foreigners: Certificate of participation (for this you must leave your e-mail in for send you the certificate, with your first and last name)

The prizes will be sent only in Italy

Facebook – twitter: SHOGI CLUB ITALIA
link per il campionato / link for the tournament:


Shogi is my life

Many things happened and I did not have time to write a lot.

I have lost the next round of Ladies Meijin against Aikawa ladies 1 dan. It was a big blow and made me reserved for the next week.

But let’s talk about the good things!

I have finished my master thesis and graduated successfully!

image1 Photo with my seminar group and our teacher

Since research about shogi gave me many ideas for the promotion, I have bought and created English and Polish version of the website. There will be a three step shogi course, collection of kifu and in April I hope we will launch online shogi magazine in English. But until now the biggest project was sending shogi sets abroad. Here is a photo of a special one:

image2 Special shogi board with autograph

The biggest news is that now I have moved to Tokyo. As a parting-gift…

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“Kifu”(棋風)- Session 1

“Kifu” consists of two meanings which are the record of the game of shogi and the style of playing shogi. This session will discuss the style of playing shogi (棋風).

“Kifu” is a vital fundamental for a shogi player as well as other types of the chess player. It serves as the foundation and identity for the players to keep on their developmental in the skills of chess.  It has numerous pattern of “kifu” which defined and undefined. For instance, the defined “kifu” are offensive, defensive, unique, conventional and etcetera. While undefined “kifu” is because of the variation of all kind of chess unstoppable either in the strategies or development. In simple word, there are no limited or borderline for the strategies and development of all kind of chess which make the “kifu” also no limited.

First and foremost, we will talk about the basic define “kifu” as the beginning. Offensive player and defensive player can be easily identified just by listening to the word and the style of play in the record of their games.


Player will able to develop their own “kifu” when they know about their preference of movement throughout the experiences gained in many games. Percentage of “Kifu” might change time to time, but the foundation of the style which is offensive or defensive will remain constant along the time. Whereas, there were still some “kifu” that only certain people can afford it which known as Unique “Kifu”. (Unique “Kifu” will be discussed in next session).

Representative (代表者) of Japan Yoninshogi League Federation

Name: 中司晃貴 (kouki_zagura)
Age    :20 year old (in year 2017)
Occupation:General Chairman of the Japan Yoninshogi League Federation.
電話番号:080-2882-2080 (Japan)

First Foreign General Member of Japan Yoninshogi League Federation

Name: 黄徳勝 (Norikatsu)
Age: 21 year old (in year 2017)
Occupation: University Student

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